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Hello and welcome to the all-breed Canadian Dogs Rescue Network. This is a tool designed for Canadians seeking information/resources on rescue groups and animal shelters across Canada.

If you're a part of an organization with information/pictures on dogs available for adoption, please feel free to email me so that they may be posted on this site.

Are you a dog owner that's seeking a home for your dog, you can still send in the information and I'll post them accordingly. *Note: Intentional Selling of Dogs forbidden *

Seeking for that special canine companion? Please look at the rescue groups/animal shelters' dogs first. They are in need of good, loving and permanent homes. There will be always "that" dog you're looking for somewhere in rescue and animal shelters awaiting for homes.

Lastly, there is a Canadian Dogs Rescue mailing list that has various postings of available dogs needing homes. You may find your special family member there so feel free to subscribe to this all-breed Canadian Rescue List!!

Dogs in Need of Homes
There are a lot of dogs in need of homes. There may be that special companion waitnig for you
on my site,  Postings of Dogs Needing Homes
Before we go further, you may ask why I am doing all this for the dogs for nothing.
Answer: I am doing this for them out of love for
my father an avid animal lover,, Jarvis Henry Edward Carey
and my two dogs,
 Mindy Jade and  Peppy Oreo

Dalmatians are my favorite breed and I have to voice something about their plight. There are too many abandoned, abused and dumped Dalmatians out there. Here goes...They're a delight to be around, what with their endless expressions and mischief. Dalmatians are a LOT OF WORK and require a lot of patience, commitment from its human family.

The Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians movie has really robbed Dalmatians of their reputations and integrity. What you see in the movie is not an accurate portrayal of the Dalmatians. Don't rush out to get one just because you thought they were cute or  very intelligent in the movie. Now, don't get me wrong, they are VERY intelligent but they are stubborn at the same time. They
are determined to make their own minds.

Dalmatians also shed 24-7, not twice a year like the myth says. They also can have health problems such as skin problems, kidney stones, urinary tract infections or allergies and Deafness is a high chance in Dalmatians. This does not mean I advocate putting the deaf dalmatians to sleep. They have every right to life.

Rescuers, Animal Shelter Staff, and Families seeking new canine companions, feel free to:
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Links to Other Worthwhile Sites!
Please take the time to explore the sites. They have proved to be very useful in
my search for rescue information! There are dog postings as well on some of the sites.

Rescue Contacts by Province: An excellent resource to find information!!
Email: Maureen

All Heart Rescue: Powassan, Ontario
Email: Kathy

Animal Rescue Foundation: Alberta
Email: Debra

Dalmatian Adoption and Rescue -- Ontario
Email: Mary MacNeill     Phone: 905-458-1883

Heart Bandits American Eskimo Dog Rescue -- British Columbia
Email: Debbie    Phone: 250-768-5621

If you know of more links that should be added, please feel free to email me at
All-Breed Canadian Dogs Rescue Network
Also, feel free to send me your postings (pictures are okay too, make sure its in jpeg format)at the email addy above.

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