All-Breed Canadian Dogs Rescue Network is dedicated to the plight of unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs in need of new homes.

A Cry for Help: Donations Needed!!

As we all know, dog rescue groups are usually hard at work rescuing dogs. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if they had no money or things to help out with the high costs of rescuing dogs and finding new homes for them.

Sometimes, rescue groups rescue dogs from the animal shelters and it is very costly. They also have vet expenses and more to cover.

Therefore, I have devised this page to allow such organizations to post their needs and requests of donations.

If you’re a rescue group and/or invididuals involved in Dog Rescue and are seeking donations, please do not hesitate to post your request online by emailing me directly and I will post your needs on this page for all to see.

Please email to with your request at absolutely no charge. Anything for the dogs!

Note: To those considering giving donations, I take no responsibility whether if the group is valid or not. It is your responsibility to check up with the group. (The parties requesting donations, their email addresses, webpages and/or phone numbers will be displayed with the donation request)

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!!


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